img_5223.jpgClementine season! 
The holidays took me by surprise in terms of my busy Etsy shop, even though I felt on top of organizing and making this year.  Here is a sampling of what has been keeping me so occupied, and what are in the midst of being sent all over the world! Some day I am going to find the time to map the towns and cities where my little guys have gone with “thumbtacks” using their images.  Meanwhile, I will continue to churn out smiling buddies for all who want them! I’m experimenting with “mixed media”, in the form of 100% vegetable glycerin soaps with crocheted scarves.  I make the soap and scarves. img_5266.jpg img_5421.jpg img_5316.jpg Some London-bound ornaments img_5345.jpg  The clementines needed some friendsimg_5297.jpg img_5369.jpg img_5383.jpg