Christmas (his first!) came early this year for little Snow-Proof Safety Cone in the form of a carefully thought-out mix for safety cones and humans alike: <) < 3 (2008). It would take one creative person to make such an apt collection of music! (It wasn't me--I'm not tooting my own horn thank you very much!) After his mama stared dumbly at iTunes for a good two minutes, she finally saw the "import cd" button and imported away, because Snow-Proof Safety Cone is all fancy-pants and uses an iPod. A "vintage" one at that, but that's the hipster in him, I guess. He really likes Jack Johnson's "We're going to be friends" because it's about his safety cone friends, how they "safely walk to school without a sound" and the "teacher marks our height against the wall" and "we sit side by side in every class." Yes, I can tell that we are gonna be friends.