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Handmade Stories

Two years ago I was just starting to dabble in crafts that I had left behind in boxes, literally and figuratively, after moving to New York and becoming a harried teacher with no free time, writing lesson plans on the subway and taking naps with the kids I nannied if time allowed. Growing up in […]

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We Demand A Re-Do!

Guidespot unveiled a new site design, new features and the also brand spankin’ new Community Guides this week, concurrent with the Democratic National Convention happening across the street from Guidespot headquarters. Exciting stuff! What are these community guides I speak of? Well, as one of Guidespot’s special chosen ones to help get these off the […]

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Little Granny Smith Apples

   It has been a while since I posted a tutorial here, so how about an easy one for these adorable, teeny-tiny, Granny Smith apples? Yes! I have been crocheting tiny fruits for over a month now, for Superette‘s launch of my Fruity Cuties. (If you don’t see them on that first link to the homepage, hit refresh, […]

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The Pac-man iPod Cozy is Here

Yesterday, I finally finished my Pac-man iPod cozy design! I have made quite a few cozies that I sell on Etsy, mostly crocheted but a few knitted. A week or two ago, I decided to try my hand at designing the yellow pac-man motif, since I knew how to make circles from various other crochet […]

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Animals have invaded my life

My friend wrote, “I saw this picture and thought of you.” (hairless guinea pig in knitted sweater). Perhaps unfortunately, my on and off vegetarianism has nothing to do with loving animals so much that I can’t eat them. It started over two years ago when my good friend and roommate received street literature (I think) […]

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A writer who hates to write

It’s been harder than I thought to get started with this new blog; I’m used to writing more aimlessly and freely, so this brings a new challenge to my brain and fingers. I also have a tough time writing directly onto a computer; I favor paper a lot more. In college, I wrote 10-20 page […]

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