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The Anatomy of Courage

Two years ago, while attending my cousin’s high school graduation party, I was talking to one of my doctor uncles about books and he recommended I read The Anatomy of Courage. It’s written by Lord Moran, a physician and medical officer in WWI, who later became Winston Churchill’s doctor during WWII. Published in 1945, this […]

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Plush You, “Witch Craft” and a lot of links…

Plush You! Show in Seattle I have been part of the annual Plush You! show before (a Seattle-based show from Schmancy‘s Kristen Rask where artists must apply via plush samples), but I have never actually attended. Until this year! Well, *hopefully*. My health is in teetering mode once again after about 9 days of things […]

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The body creating the person

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 556: ULCERATIVE COLITIS (More pics here) “I’ve heard this is an incredibly painful disease–is that true?” It’s funny the things people ask you when you’re lying in an ER bed, heart monitor wires crawling out from beneath a hastily thrown-on hospital gown, fluids and a steamrolling steroid drip being fed into weak […]

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Hoping for “a good summer full of beautiful sight, sound, and creativity”

Some time in April, I signed up for “Mail Art,” an art swap organized by The Artclash Collective, which is based in Philadelphia. Participants receive four names with mailing addresses and you agree to send a piece of art (small, 2-D pieces that can easily fit into a standard envelope are the common choice, but […]

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[Crochet] Food for Thought

Last week on a walk, I was asked if I had to choose between crocheting and writing, which would I choose. I like hypothetical questions, but my initial response was, “That’s a terrible question–I could never choose one over the other.” Then I expounded: “Crocheting makes me happier, creating, where I’m trying to go with […]

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Thank you thank you thank you

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the most gratifying parts of my writing and crafting (with a few exceptions!) is receiving feedback from the readers and customers, respectively. Out of nowhere, an email or comment utterly floors me with its heartfelt sincerity, and my occasionally uncertain and perplexed thought bubble that contains […]

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