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Bruises That Will Heal

I had my bags packed a week before entering the hospital, learning from the late summer’s hospitalization that sometimes these things get worse fast. Very fast. I had the same “If you don’t get better by ____day, you have to go to the hospital” scenario. I obeyed this time, learning from the early summer’s hospitalization […]

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Bend with the wind and do not break

After 4 months away, I was almost scared to go to New York, scared I would fall in love with it all over again, scared that I wouldn’t. I think both happened, or possibly neither–I felt neutral and apathetic. I had gone to the doctor’s the day before leaving on a train. The timing of […]

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You can never have enough Witch Craft links?

Did some book-signing at Seattle Barnes & Noble and Border’s. It’s all about those stickers! I hope that is how the saying goes… Pike Place Market flowers–picked ’em up my first morning there I went to Seattle for the Plush You! show, despite not feeling fantastic once again (9-day streak grrrr), but you know what? […]

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Plush You, “Witch Craft” and a lot of links…

Plush You! Show in Seattle I have been part of the annual Plush You! show before (a Seattle-based show from Schmancy‘s Kristen Rask where artists must apply via plush samples), but I have never actually attended. Until this year! Well, *hopefully*. My health is in teetering mode once again after about 9 days of things […]

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Rainbow Safety Cone Army to the Rescue!

Look what someone, someone who has never met me in person, crocheted for me during my latest hospitalization? A rainbow safety cone army, using my free crochet safety cone pattern! (Side note: if you Google just “safety cone,” the 4th suggestion is “safety cone crochet,” and if you click on that? All me!!!) Okay, safety […]

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The body creating the person

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 556: ULCERATIVE COLITIS (More pics here) “I’ve heard this is an incredibly painful disease–is that true?” It’s funny the things people ask you when you’re lying in an ER bed, heart monitor wires crawling out from beneath a hastily thrown-on hospital gown, fluids and a steamrolling steroid drip being fed into weak […]

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