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Oh hello there, 2012

[First post of 2012! I have had “write blog post” on my to-do lists since January, but then my blog platform was hacked and plagued with spam, and it took some time to figure out. Recently when I have logged in, I have had to re-type my password and click that box “Remember me” so […]

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Time has gotten away from me during another busy holiday season! A few links worth mentioning: I did a Barnes & Noble crafting event for our latest book, Microcrafts! Speaking of Barnes & Noble, their crochet book/kit I contributed to, Yummy Crochet, finally hit stores and is already in a 2nd printing. I surpassed 2200 […]

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How Much Remains

I have a list of 6 blog posts I want/need to write, but the one that actually has a self-imposed deadline is my birthday post; I’m turning 30 next week, on November 2! Last year, when I had my colon taken out in December, I did the math for the other two surgeries that would […]

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Farewell, sweet Diane

Four years ago, a woman named Diane Naegel bought a set of my crochet Halloween amigurumi–pumpkin, ghost, candy corn–just a few weeks after I made and listed them on Etsy for the first time. When I saw that the mailing address was a few blocks from my first apartment, I sent her a message to […]

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I have a new book!

Yes, it’s true! It’s entitled Microcrafts and you can buy it on Amazon now, or just wait a few more weeks until it starts popping up in stores! I feel so lucky to be part of yet another craft book published by Quirk Books in Philly. Remember Witch Craft: Wicked Accessories, Creepy-Cute Toys, Magical Treats, […]

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Opening Old Wounds

Drawing courtesy of my awesome friend Julia Durgee Those Bruises That Will Heal? Well, they did heal. About 6 weeks after the December surgery, for the first time in 6 years, I felt healthy-ish. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! The -ish b/c I have temporary “plumbing” that is not at all normal. But I was no longer sick. No […]

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