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Smoked Paprika Mac & Cheese

In case you haven’t noticed, cooking blogs and magazines are comfort food-happy as of late. Spaghetti and meatballs on the cover of Gourmet’s January issue? “Classic comforts we love!” in the February issue of Living, including a ton of cupcake recipes and “hearty winter suppers”? Yep, we want comfort. Stemming from the fact that it […]

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Pink Peppermint Heart Marshmallows

Pssst: I hear that these little pink heart marshmallows have a crush on homemade hot chocolate. Pssst: I have a really good hot chocolate recipe. Pssst: bring them together this Valentine’s Day! I just made marshmallows (or “schmish schmells” as we call them in our family) from scratch for the first time and I must […]

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Time Out and Toffee Time

Let’s take a time out from all of the Safety Cone a Day posts for just a moment. Did I just say “time out?” What I meant was TimeOut! (I think that was a clever transition?) Anyway! I’ve written about Crafts and Crumbs, the sporadically-held crafting and eating afternoon I have at my apartment, but […]

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Hello There, Kettle Corn: Meet The Pumpkin Spices

Remember my Kettle Corn recipe from way back when? Popcorn, and even kettle corn, don’t exactly scream “Thanksgiving,” but with a little help from some pumpkin spice friends (can’t you see the little containers marching along the kitchen counter?), kettle corn can become that pre-Thanksgiving dinner treat for when everyone is waiting around, possibly watching […]

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The Do-Nothing Weekend

Less the title be misleading, let me elaborate: I was hanging out with someone this past weekend and he convinced me to resurrect something I used to incorporate into my life years ago. Back then, I worked approximately 5-6 jobs over 6-7 days a week; I barely slept, downed a lot of coffee, managed to […]

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Barack The Vote!

Although I will be baking later for an election night party, I don’t think I’ll be getting this ambitious. But for once, I would rather stand in a line for however many hours it may take than be at home in the kitchen. I love living in New York where Obama signs are everywhere, scribbled […]

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