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What’s cookin’…

In an attempt to use my garden harvest fast enough, I have been trying some variations on tomato-and-herb recipes, and getting way too excited about one vegan recipe in particular that I found on the internet, so much so that I have made it previously but haven’t been able to take pictures before devouring it. […]

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Garden Check-in

Wow, it has been two months since I did a little photo-and-verbal check-in about my garden; I can successfully report however that I am up to 29 grape tomatoes and 4 cucumbers harvested, edible nasturtium flowers, countless palm-fuls of herbs used for pestos and vase displays, and even a simulated mini-lily pad pond I came […]

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New Victories

I’m bordering on being obsessed with my fire escape garden now that the seedlings are becoming full-fledged plants. As the resident green thumb for Brooklyn Based (well, I’m calling myself that anyway), I got to investigate a kind of new “victory garden” in the form of artist Leah Gauthier’s Sharecropper, a summer-long public-art-meets-farming project here […]

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In Busy-As-A-Bee Mode

Since returning to New York in slightly better spirits, I’ve been keeping busy with various, ahem, domestic arts. Good weather makes me want to flee to beach destinations, pull a Holly Golightly, and plan elaborate bike trips with stops at cupcake shops, bbq joints, nature walks and any curious New York site, but it also […]

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A week ago when the stress of realizing the following–that I have not been healthy since January, that I am overworked, that I never have money, that I have headaches every single day, that I don’t sleep well because of crazy amounts of steroids and all of the aforementioned–I felt as I usually do, on […]

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The Best Breakfast Muffin

We may over-utilize the word “best” to describe our number-ones in life, but there are two recipes of mine that I truly feel earn this superlative: my vegan chocolate cake which happens to be the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had (and many others agree, though it’s hard to believe, I know!) and now the […]

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