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My Pumpkin Cookies

I frequently rolled Halloween fun into birthday fun as a kid, with my November 2 birthday and the bonus of attending Catholic school, which meant always getting November 1 off. But even when I planned a non-Halloween party (like my 10th birthday at Arsenal Bowling Lanes b/c that’s how we rolled (!) in those days […]

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Spicy Tomatillo Guacamole

One of the projects I did for Witch Craft was “Freaky Finger Food,” which you’ll have to buy the book (or search my Flickr) to learn more about. Well, I will tell you it has to do with dips! And vegetables made to look like fingers ooooooh. Anyway, I went through a chip-and-dip phase when […]

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When in Doubt…Make a Bacon Dessert?

For some reason, I have never been a bacon person. With only a few half-baked vegetarian stints and a general love of meat, especially of the barbecue/pork varieties, I have probably had straight-up bacon about five times in my entire life. And I’m pretty sure I’ve had good, well-prepared bacon too, and yet, I feel […]

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Re-working reality

“‘To re-work reality’ I had written somewhere: temeritous, presumptuous words indeed–for it is reality which works and reworks us on its slow wheel.” -Lawrence Durrel, Clea Um, where did April go? April was a cruel month in some ways, staying true to the T.S. Eliot poem, but let’s focus on the positive. When everything seemed […]

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Iced Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cookies

While I’m not vegan, I like a good self-imposed food challenge, especially when it comes to baked goods. How to replace eggs and butter, two prominent cookie ingredients, in particular? I was asked to come up with a “pumpkin spice cookie,” but I figured I’d go the extra mile in recipe-developing by finally buying my […]

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August Re-cap

I have been doing a lot of things/visiting a lot of places that have long been on to-do/to-visit lists, either on paper, in a text file somewhere or just floating around in my mind. Here is an August smattering of such things: I went to Westport, Connecticut for a long weekend, where my aunts from […]

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