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Witch Craft–The Book!

My Ruby Slippers project from the book, and also 1/2 of the outfit I plan on wearing to all book events…or all of October even) As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I have a book out!!! I co-edited, co-compiled and contributed to the Quirk Books title, Witch Craft, along with the wonderful […]

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Rainbow Safety Cone Army to the Rescue!

Look what someone, someone who has never met me in person, crocheted for me during my latest hospitalization? A rainbow safety cone army, using my free crochet safety cone pattern! (Side note: if you Google just “safety cone,” the 4th suggestion is “safety cone crochet,” and if you click on that? All me!!!) Okay, safety […]

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The body creating the person

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 556: ULCERATIVE COLITIS (More pics here) “I’ve heard this is an incredibly painful disease–is that true?” It’s funny the things people ask you when you’re lying in an ER bed, heart monitor wires crawling out from beneath a hastily thrown-on hospital gown, fluids and a steamrolling steroid drip being fed into weak […]

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A long way to Seattle

Seattle is approximately 2500 miles away from Pittsburgh, which works out to about half a day of flying when you take into account drives to and from airports, connections and time zone changes–a long ways away! And a really long ways away if you consider the path I took to get there. Even after I […]

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Macarons, S’il Vous Plait!

Surprise surprise, I am better at making crochet macarons than the real-deal edible versions. Not macarOOns mind you, but the delicate French macaron, an almond-based meringue sandwich cookie. (It feels demeaning to call it a “cookie”). I have baked chocolate and pistachio macarons, but they didn’t quite turn out perfectly, the meringue tops and bottoms […]

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Hoping for “a good summer full of beautiful sight, sound, and creativity”

Some time in April, I signed up for “Mail Art,” an art swap organized by The Artclash Collective, which is based in Philadelphia. Participants receive four names with mailing addresses and you agree to send a piece of art (small, 2-D pieces that can easily fit into a standard envelope are the common choice, but […]

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