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“About” blurbs and bylines always feel so absolute and conclusive. When I peruse them on internet sites, in books or other literary endeavors, I am either drawn in or turned away. Like the attracting and repelling of magnets. With that said, it’s with both trepidation and excitement that I write this. I’m not completely sure what this blog (short for “weblog” I just learned!) will morph into, but for now it will be an anecdotal amalgamation of the creative processes that make me who I am. That’s my convoluted English major-way of saying that I will write about cooking, baking, crafting, photographing, recording, travelling, interspersed with relevant childhood and family stories. There will be pictures, quotes, tutorials, suggestions, recipes, as well as links to where I am virtually and otherwise. Through writing and images on the pages ahead, you will learn a lot more about me than you will on this page. You can contact me at aliciakachmar at C’est tout.