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Entries from October 2010

My Pumpkin Cookies

I frequently rolled Halloween fun into birthday fun as a kid, with my November 2 birthday and the bonus of attending Catholic school, which meant always getting November 1 off. But even when I planned a non-Halloween party (like my 10th birthday at Arsenal Bowling Lanes b/c that’s how we rolled (!) in those days […]

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You can never have enough Witch Craft links?

Did some book-signing at Seattle Barnes & Noble and Border’s. It’s all about those stickers! I hope that is how the saying goes… Pike Place Market flowers–picked ’em up my first morning there I went to Seattle for the Plush You! show, despite not feeling fantastic once again (9-day streak grrrr), but you know what? […]

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Seasonal Fast-Forward

Doing what I do (what do I do again?) requires looking waaaaaay ahead in the calendar, making seasonal items far in advance of when they are actually relevant. It’s kind of like the stores putting out the Easter items as soon as Valentine’s Day arrives–whaaaa? While I am knee deep in everything Witch Craft, and […]

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Plush You, “Witch Craft” and a lot of links…

Plush You! Show in Seattle I have been part of the annual Plush You! show before (a Seattle-based show from Schmancy‘s Kristen Rask where artists must apply via plush samples), but I have never actually attended. Until this year! Well, *hopefully*. My health is in teetering mode once again after about 9 days of things […]

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