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Entries from May 2010

One little giraffe

For better or worse, there’s nothing more motivating than hearing “I bet you can’t do that” when you’re trying to achieve something. I came across the endeavor known as One Million Giraffes from a fellow determined and creative soul (and friend) by the name of Ashley Albert, of kids’ rock band The Jimmies fame. The […]

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Happy Mother’s Day…

…to the mom who knew I’d be “trouble” the moment I was born when my hair was so maroon it looked purple under the hospital lights (surprise! never a dull moment from the get-go!) and later when I learned how to walk at 9 months, before there were shoes tiny enough to fit my feet […]

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Re-working reality

“‘To re-work reality’ I had written somewhere: temeritous, presumptuous words indeed–for it is reality which works and reworks us on its slow wheel.” -Lawrence Durrel, Clea Um, where did April go? April was a cruel month in some ways, staying true to the T.S. Eliot poem, but let’s focus on the positive. When everything seemed […]

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