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Entries from November 2009

I love a good story

This is a well-known fact. Especially when a strange sequence of events leads up to something wonderful that you never could have expected. A surprising domino effect, getting from Point A to Point B by means of something that does not resemble a straight line by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve mentioned before that […]

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Throw me a bone, preferably this smiling crocheted one

This past weekend I helped out at DIY Design Day with my pals at BurdaStyle and STC Craft. It was held at a place I had long been curious about, the revolving storefront that is 303 Grand in Williamsburg. And how excited was I to learn that the trek from the subway there would take […]

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Taking tie-dye to bed

I went through a tie-dye phase in high school, even attempting to dabble in natural dying (!) by collecting red onion peels and the like from the supermarket. As with most things regarding crafts+Alicia, I read up on all possible methods and techniques via many library books. I have since steered clear of it only […]

Categories: Artsy/Crafty