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Entries from October 2009

Candy-filled Gourds, Decoupage Pumpkins…and Drunk Ewoks on The Today Show Halloween Segments

The candy-filled gourds, in happier times I did some freelance work for Better Homes and Gardens again this year, along with my good pal Sarah, for Halloween segments on The Today Show. Specifically, last-minute Halloween decoration ideas. Sarah focused on pumpkin painting and assembling the body of our buddy, the scarecrow. I got crafty with […]

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Iced Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cookies

While I’m not vegan, I like a good self-imposed food challenge, especially when it comes to baked goods. How to replace eggs and butter, two prominent cookie ingredients, in particular? I was asked to come up with a “pumpkin spice cookie,” but I figured I’d go the extra mile in recipe-developing by finally buying my […]

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Hey, look, Pirate Safety Cone! Why not, right? A few things of note, in bullet form: -some old favorite freebies for the crocheters out there, in case you missed ’em: Indian corn and a ridiculously cute pumpkin, the pattern for which can now be found here on FaveCrafts. -I was chosen to be part of […]

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The Safety Cones Meet Kata Golda’s Felt Friends

Safety Cone is used to making new friends, as he is quite the friend magnet (hmm Safety Cone magnets hmm), but he’s not used to being personally requested by a book publisher to meet some special felt friends and be ready for a mini-photo shoot with them. We would need Safety Cone back-up, safety in […]

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