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Entries from September 2009

Made To Order

Safety Cone pep talk. Hey, they may be “public figures,” but my crochet versions are a little on the shy side! As I already mentioned, Park(ing) Day was fantastic, and in the short time since, there are a few crochet developments to note: -I wrote a little synopsis of the day for Tribeca Citizen, a […]

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Safety Cone and friends at the Plush You! Show in Seattle

Yep, that’s right: Safety Cone, Pi and Black and White Cookie will all be attending the Plush You! show in October. Wait, did I say attending? They are actually IN it! So proud of my little ones. 🙂 The Plush You! show is an annual show in Seattle, where chosen plush are shown gallery-style in […]

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Creativity for all to see

Yesterday, a friend of mine by the name of Amit Gupta, aka, entrepreneurial superstar, had his first book published: Photojojo! Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas. Exciting! Amit asked the “contributing gurus” to take photos with the book, all of which so far can be found in the Photojojo! The Book Flickr Pool. Me […]

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Safety Cone Adventures meets Park(ing) Day

Do you know about Safety Cone Adventures? What about Park(ing) Day? Well, if not, you soon will. Below is an email I sent to friends about the converging of these two endeavors: I rarely mass-email, but Safety Cone is an exception to many rules, so here goes. If you keep up with my crafty-head-self at […]

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August Re-cap

I have been doing a lot of things/visiting a lot of places that have long been on to-do/to-visit lists, either on paper, in a text file somewhere or just floating around in my mind. Here is an August smattering of such things: I went to Westport, Connecticut for a long weekend, where my aunts from […]

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