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Entries from July 2009

Little Lime and Rainbow Ice Cream, Welcome to the Family…

Lemon and Clementine have been begging for a third citrus buddy in the form of a lime, but these crochet fingers just never got around to it. That is, until someone requested one as part of a large Etsy order, and thus, Little Lime was created, quick to debunk the saying that “three’s a crowd.” […]

Categories: Artsy/Crafty

Meet a friend of Safety Cone’s–Safety Barrel!

Safety Cones and Safety Barrels must be good friends, seeing as though they work together to keep roads and road workers safe. And because they are friends, my little Safety Cone thought it would be appropriate to take a Safety Barrel on some of his Safety Cone Adventures. In case you haven’t done the math […]

Categories: Artsy/Crafty