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Entries from April 2009

Flower Child in Brooklyn

Last week I got to speak at the Boerum Hill Association‘s Annual Greening Meeting, the theme of which was “Victory Gardens,” aka “food gardens,” which were planted during both World Wars. I forgot how much time and energy it takes to plan out a “talk,” especially one where I had to teach myself Keynote (the […]

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Teaching/Learning in New York

New York Magazine has a great piece that compiles New Yorkers’ stories of moving to the city for the first time and the ensuing tales. I especially love Chuck Close’s, and in particular, the line, “After work we’d go over to this cafeteria in what is now the Odeon, and we’d sit around and dream […]

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Marshmallow PEEP Bunnies!

The PEEPS folks are highly protective of their Copyrights, as they should be, so last year a bunch of us Etsy sellers making PEEP-like items had to take down our items, even if we weren’t using the PEEP name. Waaaah! But I understand. Of course we complied, but luckily, even if we can’t sell these […]

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