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Entries from March 2009

My Cable Knitted Scarf, Completed At Last!

Note to self: do not wait for a spontaneous Amtrak trip in January to commence knitting an ambitiously complicated and time-consuming scarf, because suddenly it will be March and scarf-wearing season nearing its end! But, no matter–art for art’s sake, or craft for craft’s sake. I am so enamored with cable knitting, maybe due to […]

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Snow-Proof Safety Cone Says “Yay!” To Snow Day

“A Safety Cone a Day” may have gone on hiatus here on the bloggy blog, but rest assure, he’s still bouncing around daily on his square base. Have you checked out his recent adventures? Lately his friends and admirers have been inquiring, “Snow-Proof Safety Cone, whatever will you do when it isn’t ear flaps hat […]

Categories: Artsy/Crafty