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Entries from March 2009

A Coney Island of the Heart

I can’t remember the first time I learned about Coney Island–whether it was from my sister who moved to Brooklyn for college or if I stumbled upon it in a book–but I do remember being drawn to the sound of it. Coney Island. In high school, before I had ever set foot in New York […]

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The Best Breakfast Muffin

We may over-utilize the word “best” to describe our number-ones in life, but there are two recipes of mine that I truly feel earn this superlative: my vegan chocolate cake which happens to be the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had (and many others agree, though it’s hard to believe, I know!) and now the […]

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Thank you thank you thank you

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the most gratifying parts of my writing and crafting (with a few exceptions!) is receiving feedback from the readers and customers, respectively. Out of nowhere, an email or comment utterly floors me with its heartfelt sincerity, and my occasionally uncertain and perplexed thought bubble that contains […]

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I Spy Pi Part II — Happy Pi Day!

Pi meets Safety Cone! (Hey, want to make your very own crochet Pi? Go here. Oh, you want to make Safety Cone too? Go here! Who is Safety Cone? Oh boy, you’re in for it–check out ALL of his adventures!) Safety Cone: Hi, I’m Snow-Proof Safety Cone, or Safety Cone for short. Hehe, I’m short […]

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I Spy Pi

Usually I’m partial to pie, especially shoofly and berry varieties, but in honor of approaching 3/14, I decided to make a Pi…you know, without the “e” at the end? The curious number with an infinite amount of digits to the right of the decimal point? Yep! It’s almost Pi Day! If you happen to be […]

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Pomegranate Love

I was a ripe 22-years old when I ate my first pomegranate, being prompted by the middle-school-aged children I nannied for, but I wasn’t quite sold on the enjoyability factor of dealing with the fruit. They’re difficult! And there is a much easier option in the form of POM Wonderful, of course. Years later, I […]

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