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Entries from December 2008

A Safety Cone a Day (#2)

Aren’t you a funny one! Mama Alicia went to get the cinnamon and, lo and behold, picked up a Snow-Proof Safety Cone instead. Do you reeeeeally want to be an ingredient in Mama’s French muffins? You do fit nicely in the spice rack, I must say, and yes, you AND the spice containers all have […]

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A Safety Cone a Day (#1)

Snow-Proof Safety Cone, you don’t go on the Christmas tree! Man you are so cute. SO CUTE. Whether it’s people or safety cones, I lose all disciplining abilities when faced with cuteness. Fine, I give up, stay in the tree. Why did I have to make your face so irresistible! I recently started photographing Snow-Proof […]

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Handmade Stories

Two years ago I was just starting to dabble in crafts that I had left behind in boxes, literally and figuratively, after moving to New York and becoming a harried teacher with no free time, writing lesson plans on the subway and taking naps with the kids I nannied if time allowed. Growing up in […]

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