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Entries from December 2008

A Safety Cone a Day (#8)

(FYI, I will probably keep this going until Christmas, and then maybe A Safety Cone a Week?) Hide-and-seek attempt #1 OR Snow-Proof Safety Cone has the sniffles?

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A Safety Cone a Day (#7)

Steelers Safety (Cone) In this house, we bleed black and gold, which is to say we are diehard Steelers fans, which is to say we are from Pittsburgh. It wouldn’t be right for Snow-Proof Safety Cone to wear any other colors on game day, even though he was technically born in Brooklyn. Fortunately, he’s got […]

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A Safety Cone a Day (#6)

Oh, Snow-Proof Safety Cone, do NOT go there. I know they are cute in their matching hats, but sometimes two is not better than one, even if it does seem like double the fun. They are friends, they are both crushing on you, but if you go there, I can guarantee trouble. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. You will […]

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A Safety Cone a Day (#5)

Sometimes I think Snow-Proof Safety Cone is just trying to get more attention. He made me go all the way to Duane Reade to pick up anti-itch lotion because he claimed his hat was “giving me the itchies.” But Snow-Proof Safety Cone, I said, Mama didn’t make your hat out of scratchy wool yarn. She […]

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A Safety Cone a Day (#4)

Standing on the edge, Snow-Proof Safety Cone pondered the great abyss and such philosophical topics as the purpose of life, Plato’s Theory of Forms, where metaphysics and epistemology meet and the concept of Zeitgeist. What does it all mean, he wondered? He just doesn’t know yet, but the gears are certainly turning.

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A Safety Cone a Day (#3)

Don’t do anything Mama Alicia wouldn’t do. Er…wait…that doesn’t work. Do what Mama says, not what Mama does. Snow-Proof Safety Cone, with Facebook and Flickr and blogs, you have to realize that future colleges and employers could see this photo and it could severely hurt your chances at a promising career and successful life. What’s […]

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