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Entries from November 2008

Hello There, Kettle Corn: Meet The Pumpkin Spices

Remember my Kettle Corn recipe from way back when? Popcorn, and even kettle corn, don’t exactly scream “Thanksgiving,” but with a little help from some pumpkin spice friends (can’t you see the little containers marching along the kitchen counter?), kettle corn can become that pre-Thanksgiving dinner treat for when everyone is waiting around, possibly watching […]

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These are a few of my favorite things…

I consider myself pretty lucky to be someone who derives pleasure and finds comfort in a lot of sights, sounds and activities. When I am feeling down, in a funk or that hard-to-describe state of “feeling off,” I am armed with approximately 300 ideas for working through it and come out smiling. Maybe such comforts […]

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Weekend Re-cap and Wearing Many Hats

The weekend started off ambitiously with me awakening on Saturday morning at 6am, after a night of working. Hooray, I thought, I will get so much done on my do-nothing weekend! Craft projects, cookie recipes and novels floated around in my mind. As I put the coffee on, I remembered that I had forgotten to […]

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The Do-Nothing Weekend

Less the title be misleading, let me elaborate: I was hanging out with someone this past weekend and he convinced me to resurrect something I used to incorporate into my life years ago. Back then, I worked approximately 5-6 jobs over 6-7 days a week; I barely slept, downed a lot of coffee, managed to […]

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Remember the Crochet Cranberry Sauce?

He’s baaaaaack. Free pattern here and the finished product for sale here. New Thanksgiving creations and recipes coming soon!

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As Dumas wrote, “Wait and Hope”

And that’s what we did. Whether you waited the few hours last night for election results, just under 2 years since Obama announced his campaign, 8 years since George W. Bush took office, an entire lifetime, or all of the above to sense change in the American air, it finally feels palpable. Not exactly like […]

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