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Entries from October 2008

Apple Cider Muffins

It took moving to New York and indulging in frequent farmer’s market purchases for me to discover what has to be one the best fall treats in the Northeast: the apple cider donut. When you start to see the bounty of apples available in September and envision the numerous apple dessert recipes you’ll somehow squeeze […]

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Fall Leaves–Some Happier Than Others

It came to my attention, only a few years back, the stark truth about autumn and the changing color of leaves: they are dying! Waaaaaah. Less sunlight, shorter days, colder temperatures all mean that trees can’t do their photosynthesizing thing. Sure, the leaves look beautiful when they change from green to yellow, orange and red, […]

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage

I first stumbled upon gnocchi in what might be its most dressed-down, non-homemade form: in the frozen section at the supermarket at 99 cents a bag! On par with the price of plain pasta, but requiring only half the cooking time (4-5 minutes) and in need of just butter and salt on top, it was […]

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Fall Barbecues, Freshly Cut Flowers, Owl Soaps and Pumpkin Ale Cheese Dip

I think I can safely say that no one else in the entire virtual world has that blog post title! Speaking of blog posts, Sarah of Pink of Perfection wrote a fabulous one called 8 Things I’m Happy About in October, which naturally inspired comments of the same topic, including one from yours truly. The […]

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The Cutest Pumpkin Out There (And How To Make It!)

Well, in my opinion, it’s the cutest pumpkin out there. Maybe just the cutest crochet version, or cutest softie? I dare you to find a cuter pumpkin–send me pictures and I will take a look! I’m selling it on Etsy, as well as this set of the two, but if you are a crocheter, the […]

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Looking back, looking forward

I’m not one to stick to something like Oprah’s habit of listing 5 things she’s grateful for every day (i.e., I can hardly keep up with regular daily work and chores), but I suppose I do something similar, albeit on a subconscious level and give or take 1-2 things. But there are certain days or […]

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