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Entries from September 2008

Crochet Halloween 2008

Last year around this time is when my Etsy took off with the above Halloween toys: Candy Corn, Ghost and Pumpkin. I was flabbergasted. Sure, I thought they were cute, but I had no idea they would receive so much attention (and so many buyers). Patterns and the already-made versions are available in my Etsy […]

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The Ill-Fitted T-Shirt Conundrum

I just wrote a guide for Guidespot called The Bad-Ass DIYer’s Guide to New York (pardon my French), highlighting DIY magazines like Craft and Bust, DIY books like Sew Subversive, DIY sites like Threadbanger and BurdaStyle and New York DIY events like Swap-O-Rama-Rama and Etsy’s Monday Night Craft Nights. (You want links to all of […]

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Virginia Beach Bound And Back

I hadn’t had a vacation all summer long, never once had what I consider to be the moment that I truly “arrive” at the beach: walking along the sand, removing my sandals and feeling the water with my toes. That is always the “at last” moment for me, finally exhaling from however many months it […]

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Acting Like I’m New To New York

I suppose you can never completely know any city through and through, but one can get kind of complacent in the place called “home,” not exploring because there isn’t the time-sensitive pressure that accompanies traveling elsewhere. That’s why I try to consider myself a “tourist” no matter where I am! I always have a map, […]

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