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Entries from April 2008

Crocheter’s Block

We’ve all experienced writer’s block, myself included, at one time or another. But, crocheter’s block? Well, I’m currently experiencing this creative affliction! Help! I do have tons of ideas about future designs and patterns, but nothing that stands out to me at the moment. Do YOU, dear readers, have ideas? Crochet items you’ve only dreamed […]

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Gripes and Guides

I have been taking a little break from my blogging here, as well as from crochet/Etsy, but just a few facts to report. Various freelance writing opportunities have been keeping me busy, among other things… I have a very small piece in Time Out magazine about my “gripe” with New York post offices. “The gripe” […]

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Lost and Found

I have rarely been one to play tricks on others come April Fools’ Day, though I have fallen for many to date! Nevertheless, it seems like an appropriate day to share some silliness via childhood memories. When my sister and I were little, we fought over the little black hook in the above picture. It’s […]

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