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Entries from March 2008

Amigurumi Animals

On a happier note, I finally received my copy of Amigurumi Animals, after taking 3 months en route from Europe. There are 15 patterns for crochet creatures, but I am not included in that section. I am in the back of the book as part of the Amigurumi Gallery section, where a bunch of Etsy […]

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Ice Skating Wronged Me

Remember how excited I was when I found ice skates on the street? I was really excited! I went on and on about how you can find the most amazing cast-offs in New York and call them your own! They were on the small size (4), but fit the way ice skates usually do–tightly! The […]

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It’s all about the little things

   In my experiences, it’s always important and rewarding to remember “the little things,” whatever those may be. Whether it’s admiring the small sliver of sunlight peaking through the clouds or that tiny leaf wedged into a subway grate, glimpses of little moments can be refreshing. I often had thoughts like this when I worked with […]

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