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Entries from February 2008

Little Granny Smith Apples

   It has been a while since I posted a tutorial here, so how about an easy one for these adorable, teeny-tiny, Granny Smith apples? Yes! I have been crocheting tiny fruits for over a month now, for Superette‘s launch of my Fruity Cuties. (If you don’t see them on that first link to the homepage, hit refresh, […]

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Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa?

  ToMAYto, ToMAHto, right? I had never thought of the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa, but there is one! Real Simple offers up the short and sweet answer while a site called “Best Friends Cocoa” has a slightly longer explanation.  Hot chocolate is the richer one, made with milk or cream and chocolate.  Hot cocoa is (whaddya […]

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Congratulations Cupcake Winners!

 Yes, that’s right, winnerS! Because of the great response, I decided to give away 4 cupcakes instead of just 1. Congratulations to Sarah Adamson, Jennifer P., Deidre A., and Sharon G.! You all will be receiving your cupcakes soon! For those of you who didn’t win, I am having a Sale in my Etsy shop from now […]

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