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Entries from November 2007

Thanksgiving in New York City

I spent my first Thanksgiving here in New York, first ever NOT in Pittsburgh, and it was a nice combination of family, work, and autumn. Thanksgiving day saw temperatures in the mid-60’s and my parents actually went to the parade! I had gone up to the parade starting point the night before to get a […]

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Christmas Preview

For the first year in a long time, I started my Christmas shopping and brainstorming early. This is partly due to the fact that I started designing crochet Christmas items like the ornaments above a few weeks ago in an attempt to fill my shop early with new products. Apparently, people DO start their shopping […]

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Making Apple Butter

Even though I am in the habit of cooking and baking from scratch, apple butter is one of those food items I associate with being jarred and found at a roadside farm stand in Massachusetts, without any knowledge or curiosity about how it got that way. It’s untouchable, and thus, I had never even wondered […]

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Jellied or Whole Cranberry Sauce?

Why, jellied of course! This year marks my first Thanksgiving not travelling home to Pittsburgh; I will be staying on in Brooklyn and my parents will be coming to us! Even though it breaks tradition, I’m slightly relieved to not be in any way involved with Thanksgiving travel, airports, delays, traffic, etc. With that, it […]

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DIY Gift Tags/Business Cards

Sometimes pressure-filled deadlines can really bring out the creativity and DIY ethic in you. I am overly committed right now, but it’s a good kind of feeling because I had lacked it for so long. So, when I found myself without enough of my Moo business cards and with a tall order of 25 crochet […]

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New Shop and New Holiday Items!

I took the plunge: I opened a new Etsy shop called Soft Illusions! My main Etsy shop is still alive and well, but I have wanted to design and create some crocheted accessories, such as fingerless gloves, cuffs, hats, mittens, scarflettes, etc. Since my first shop is more whimsical, cute, and toy-like, I thought it […]

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