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Entries from October 2007


It may come as a surprise from perusing through pages of my crochet smiling creatures and sugary dessert recipes that I am a DIE-HARD football fan. As a Pittsburgh native, I have followed the Steelers for a large chunk of my almost-26 years; a loss has been known to ruin the rest of my day, […]

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Not much has changed :)

My birthday is November 2, so while I was always slightly peeved that I couldn’t have the Hawaiian-themed summer birthday parties like my sister, I did love having Halloween-themed birthday parties. My mom made these cookies every Halloween, and they eventually came to be known as “my cookies,” because I loved them so much and […]

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The Plush You! show

The Plush You! show opened recently and blog posts with pictures have been popping up here and there. After reading a few of them, I didn’t see my little crochet buddies, but it was amazing and inspiring to see all the other plushie items. Adorn Magazine did a nice little write-up, Kristen Rask of Plush […]

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Halloween gone wrong?

While my parents’ candy corn shirts in the last post were a hit, sometimes you come up with a Halloween costume that is, well, a miss. I’m not sure if I requested to be a cabbage patch kid (or just a cabbage?), but my sister definitely requested to be Cheer Bear, the rainbow care bear. […]

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Candy Corn Expressions (Craftiness and Cookies!)

My mom made the above Halloween crib decoration (hung high enough so we wouldn’t get strangled!), which my dad sent as a photo in an email recently, pondering, “Maybe this is what burned in the craft synapses in your brains.” That is my sister (18 months older than I) in the picture, and it does […]

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The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

I have found it! I kid you not. And not only does it require no food processor, no mixer, and no mixing bowl, it is also vegan. Pick yourself off the floor and keep on reading! I have made this recipe twice in less than a week, and served it at Crafts and Crumbs to […]

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