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Entries from August 2007

Stitch n’ Pitch!

The Stitch n’ Pitch winners were announced last Friday and I am one of them! I designed and crocheted the baseball beer cozy, the one that has made the rounds in the U.S. and even Canada. Take a look at all the fabulous winners. One of the prizes we receive is this adorable CRAFT shirt: […]

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“little blue and little yellow”, revisited

“little blue and little yellow” is an adorable and imaginative book by Leo Lionni, one of the greatest children’s book authors ever. A couple of years ago, I read it for the first time (I was 22?) while working at a pre-preschool called Discovery Programs on the Upper West Side. I have often said that […]

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Superette unveils their new store!

Superette is the store in London where my own crochet wares are currently living! They have a site called Lady Luck Rules OK, where they sell a lot of crafty and cute items, blog about upcoming events and news, etc. The girls at Superette just redid the entire store, closing shop for a while and […]

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More inedible Pigs and Birthday Surprises

My boyfriend, Ian, was the first to inform me that pigs are much smarter and cleaner than most people believe. They are not rolling around in mud puddles out of dirty pleasure, but rather to cool down. Pigs are unable to sweat! (Poor things!) According to a PBS special entitled The Joy of Pigs, pigs […]

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