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Entries from July 2007

Photo + Craft

I’ve been able to combine photography and craft more than a few times now, as seen in my Photo Coasters, Anniversary Collage, and my Photojojo Ornaments. I wrote and took all the photos for a new tutorial for the Photojojo newsletter and it just went out today! It’s called 4 Step DIY Wine Glass Photo […]

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London or bust/SF or bust

As a follow-up to my last post, here are some additional links for the my little crochet world travelers. You can watch the clip from the SF show, View from the Bay to see my baseball cozy in action…well, it’s comfortably holding a beer bottle. I got really excited watching it with Ian, as if […]

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The crochet foods are world travelers!

I’m about two hours away from starting my trip to the Outer Banks (North Carolina) via airplane then car. It figures that days before I leave I get various design/craft offers and I have to scramble to get everything organized! It’s exciting, and other than a bbq Saturday night and a bike ride in the […]

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Two peas in a pod

I never liked peas as a kid, but then again, the only “vegetables” I liked were potatoes and ketchup. I blame the school lunches, which I never ate b/c we packed our own, but the green beans were overboiled and almost brown, and the carrots a pile of orange mush. I had all sorts of […]

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Colorful Cotton Face Scrubbies

After many months of using (cheap) acrylic yarns, I have finally jumped on the cotton bandwagon. When I built up my yarn stash via ebay lots, I only amassed sythetic yarns and now find myself swimming in a sea of Red Heart skeins. I started reading up on 100% cotton yarn and how it is […]

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Fireworks and Popsicles

Once upon a time, I made lists for my “favorite smells”, “favorite sights”, and “favorite sounds.” One of my favorite sounds is emitted from the flags in the above picture. There is a piece of metal towards the top that is bound to each rope that attaches to the flag and it makes this clangy […]

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