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Entries from April 2007

Homemade Citrus-ade and a Prospect Park Barbecue

Although those two things seemingly go together, I didn’t make my citrus-ade for the barbecue we held in Prospect Park yesterday. But, I wrote out the recipe to my citrus-ade when I submitted it to the website, Instructables. To reiterate (or just to iterate, rather), citrus-ade is like lemonade, but better! It is made from […]

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Earth Day and Beyond, Part II

Earth Day at our house was successful in my opinion, and it felt more like Earth Weekend. On Saturday, after a quick trip to the library, Ian and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I had been there about two weeks before, but one of the perks of working at a Botanical Garden was […]

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Earth Day and Beyond

Earth Day is this weekend and after many years of doing very little to celebrate it, I will challenge myself that day and in the future to care more about what it means. But not just to care. To act. As a little kid, I went through a Save the World Recycle Save the Animals […]

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Are you a sunnyside up or fried egg today?

As part of my frowny food collection, I have been trying to design a “fried” egg. I know that I could stick a frown on any food, but I like to find foods where a frown is more appropriate. If I personify food, then they would all naturally be sad because someone is probably getting […]

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Oysters are like…

…I have no pertinent simile, as my English major-ness is failing me this morning. Basically, I crochet oysters, think they are really cute, and am really sad when they sell. I’ve been making the blue version as part of my Sea Creatures on Etsy, but when my dad ordered some a few weeks ago, I […]

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Homemade Kettle Corn–Cheap and Easy!

When I think of kettle corn, I am immediately bombarded by the sights, sounds, and smells of festivals, particularly the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh. That big kettle and the smell of heated sugar! I’m jealous of the stirrers of the big kettles, as I’m attracted to any cookware that is huge, like the […]

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