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Entries from March 2007

Lights, camera, action!

I’ve always been fond of light and fascinated by the “tricks” our eyes can play on us. I guess it was inevitable that I would take a lot of photographs of sunsets, reflections, light coming through blinds, and shadows thrown on any surface. As a kid, I used to stand in our bathroom on our […]

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The Pac-man iPod Cozy is Here

Yesterday, I finally finished my Pac-man iPod cozy design! I have made quite a few cozies that I sell on Etsy, mostly crocheted but a few knitted. A week or two ago, I decided to try my hand at designing the yellow pac-man motif, since I knew how to make circles from various other crochet […]

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The Return of Crafts and Crumbs

Crafts and Crumbs took a long hiatus for health reasons–mine, not theirs–but it’s back in full swing. Eventually, I will update the Crafts and Crumbs site with more information, such as the pamphlet I give to all C&Cers. Basically, it is a group I started for my (girl)friends and myself. I went to all-women’s highschool […]

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Painting in Prospect Heights

Although we fell in love with this Brooklyn apartment the same day we almost signed a lease for a different apartment, we did NOT love the colors. Or lack thereof. Both the walls and carpets screamed “blah!” Luckily, I love to paint and had some experience from the last Park Slope apartment. Also luckily, I […]

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