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Entries from March 2007

Try running numbers in this house

[image via arkitrave] New Canaan is no New York, but it IS home to Philip Johnson’s minimalist Glass House. Johnson was incredibly influential here in New York City, designing the Seagram Building, AT&T (now Sony) Building, Lincoln Center, NYU’s Bobst Library, and the Four Seasons Restaurant. Oh yeah, and those crazy columns and towers at […]

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Cheer up, frowny marshmallows?

You got nominated in the Softies Central Awards!!! Hmm, that didn’t seem to work either. I’m still proud of these little guys, despite their persistent frowning. The Softies Central blog held a softies contest, which actually didn’t feel like a contest at all. It was more like the best flickr pool out there, with countless […]

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Peep Peep Peep

Last weekend, I set out to design something for “Easter/spring”, as it states on my weekend to-do list. Looking around the apartment, I have noticed a plethora of…PEEPS! Not just the chick variety, but the bunnies as well in marshmallow, stuffed, illustrated, and plastic forms. A few weeks ago, my parents sent me the new […]

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Vegetarian dishes galore!

Recently I read an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about vegetarian Lauren Urbschat who noticed a lack of something one Sunday night: vegetarian food at restaurants. While she cooks a great deal herself, she wanted to go out. So, she went to a neighborhood place that holds concerts and does serve food (but not on […]

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Collage collage and decoupage!

Ever since grade school, I have loved making collages. Whether it be decorating our Valentine’s Day boxes or getting the Health assignment to make a collage that represents you on poster board. I think I was the only one who used every little bit of white on the poster, and packed mine the fullest with […]

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Frowny Marshmallows!

I recently put these pictures up on my Flickr page and got so many comments! Positive ones, that is about how hilarious and brilliant these sad marshmallows on sticks were. A month or so ago, I designed a simple crochet marshmallow, on my first try, and made of one those s’more snowmen you see around […]

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